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May 26

Draft Streets Working Group Report

In 2015, the UNC launched the Park View Streets Working Group, a collaborative effort by neighbors to improve the streets of Park View. The goals of the group are to improve pedestrian, auto, and bicycle safety, increase wheelchair and stroller access to sidewalks, ensure adequate maintenance, and improve the general appearance, cohesiveness, and rational design …

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Oct 22

(No title)

Park View Streets Working Group Neighborhood Walk-Through, Sunday November 15th, 2-4 pm Meet at the Park View Recreation Center The Park View United Neighborhood Coalition (UNC) has launched a new working group focused on improving our streets. Goals for the group include adding safety features like signs and cross walks, repair and maintenance, and adding …

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Jun 30

Launch of the Park View Streets Working Group

Streets Meeting: Part 2 Launching the Park View streets working group We had an active community meeting in June on the topic of streets planning and maintenance. Let’s continue the conversation this month by launching a working group to tackle these issues moving forward. Park View lacks a long-term plan for redeveloping its streets and …

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Jun 01

Improving Our Streets – June 3rd

Have an idea for our streets and sidewalks? Park View is a wonderful neighborhood, but as many have pointed out, many of our streets need more tree boxes, wider sidewalks, and safety features like speed bumps and better signs. The Park View United Neighborhood Coalition (UNC) is engaged in an effort to bring improvements to …

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