Aug 19

August 2017 UNC Meeting Notes

The August monthly UNC community meeting covered the following discussion topics:

  1. Ledroit Park – A representative from the Ledroit Park Civic Association discusses how they have engaged over the long term on public safety issues.
  2. Petworth – A representative from a block in Petworth that has experienced an ongoing issue with specific violent criminals, known drug dealers/pimps presents on how a block works to track activity of specific criminals.
  3. Georgia Avenue Thrive – A representative from GA Ave. Thrive presents on the steps they are taking to set up a public safety committee.
  4. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau reports on her public safety activities and the recent Newton Pl. safety walk.
  5. Community discussion – What ideas stood out? How should the Park View UNC move forward?

August 2017 UNC Meeting Notes (PDF)